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A Guide to Little Bumble Beez Nursery School

Little Bumble Beez pupils
Valentines Day at Little Bumble Beez

Little Bumble Beez pupils
Easter Celebrations at Little Bumble Beez

Little Bumble Beez's approach to teaching:

Here at Little Bumble Beez I encourage children to engage in their own research, analyze what they have found, and come to their own conclusion.

The goal is to lead children to think for themselves and become actively engaged in the learning process.

Rather than give children the right answers, I tend to ask the right questions and guide them into discovering the answers for themselves. Learning becomes its own reward, and each success fuels a desire to discover even more.

Little Bumble Beez's education is learner-centered where the pace and ability of the learner is acknowledged. Learning happens in different speeds with each learner and care is taken to enrich
those who learn faster and extra care is taken with those who take a little longer.

Little Bumble Beez education is Non biased and all children are treaded as eachothers equals.

The Little Bumble Beez pupil:

Pupils are part of a mixed student body, which provides them the advantages of experiencing diversity as found in the world outside the school!  Each child is unique, they have different learning styles, modalities, interest & needs which are identified and accomodated.

Learners are prepared & supported academically by providing uninterrupted work periods as age appropriate, while we still understand that learners are kids that require Fun & Play!

Learning Material & Activities:

As with everything else at Little Bumble Beez, learning materials & activities are centered around the individual child. Learning Materials are individual or group or hands-on & promote, exploration as well as discovery.

Spontaneous learning materials are included & can be self-directed. Learning experiences lead to the development of self dicipline!

The Prepared Environment - The Classroom:

The classroom is a aesthetically prepared environment which is not static but dynamic & responsive to the needs of learners. Learning materials and equipment in the classroom intend to challenge and develop the capabilities of learners.

Academic areas explored via the classroom are pratical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, art, music & cultural subjects.

Lessons are introduced simply & correctly & are presented individually to each child. Little Bumble Beez attempts to tie all areas of learning together.

The Idea is to share the world with children through a hands-on program of arts, food, activities, projects, songs & celebrations!

Activities in the classroom is CCTV recorded for saftey & security purposes.

Little bumble Beez facilities
Little Bumble Beez playground
Little Bumble Beez Playground

Little Bumble Beez playground
Little Bumble Beez Playground

The Other Prepared Environment -
The Playground:

Just as the classroom is important so is the playground. It's intent is learning, strengthening & development thru play! The old saying holds true: "All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl!

Pupils are always supervised on the playground. Little Bumble Beez playground is a natural environment for play. With structures that help young children develop their motor skills and coordination.

It provides ample space with appropriate shade for activities not suitable inside the classroom.
Activities on the playground is CCTV recorded for saftey & security purposes.

The Little Bumble Beez Teacher:

The Little Bumble Beez teacher is a carefully selected enthusiastic expert teacher. Care is always taken when appointing an employee at Little Bumble Beez & we endevour to select candidates who Love Children & Love Working with them!

The teacher is the leader of the classroom activities & events & communicates this ina positive & supportive manner to the children.

They ensure standards of mutual respect & interaction is established & maintained in the classroom. Teachers lead by example & a role model of desired behaviours, dispositions & possibilities.

The teacher is a resourcefull person & offers multiple strategies of instruction, they facilitate cognetive, emotional, social & spiritual growth of children.

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