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Little Bumble Beez Nursery School FAQ & Other Information

If you still have questions, after reading this section please contact the principal:

Bridget van Zyl

Cell:  082-856-6048

eMail:  briggy@oceans.co.za

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Other Relevant Information

How much are school fees & what does it include?

School fees are market related & Little Bumble Beez endevours to keep itself well priced to strike a balance,
between fees that are reasonable to upkeep facilities & service standards & take parent pockets into account.

Full Day Fees include 2 Meals & 2 Snacks.

Half Day Fees include 2 Meals & a Snack.

School Fee structure will be presented to you upon enquiry.

Contact Bridget van Zyl, Principal - Little Bumble Beez on 082-856-6048
or email her briggy@oceans.co.za for more information!

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How long has the school been in existance?

Little Bumble Beez was established by Bridget van Zyl in 2005.

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What experience do the teachers have?

Bridget the Principal has extensive experience and was a teacher for 3 years prior to starting Little Bumble Beez in 2005.
In total she has over 9 years experience teaching & caring for children. She is qualified in Child Day Care & she is First Aid Qualified.

The other care givers have at least 2 years or more proven experience.

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What is the daily routine?

Breakfast is served at 08:00, the daily lesson is then presented, this is followed by a snack & outside play.
At 12:00 lunch is served & is followed by a nap time & Half Day children go home.
At 15:00 the second snack is served & outiside play resumes.

Our daily lessons follow the stepping stones program, which is a full educational program designed for children. Each week has a different theme & each day has different activities e.g. painting, cutting, colouring & much more.

The children aged 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 will complete a worksheet & creative activity during the day. Each day's work that is done is gathered together & sent home at the end of the week.

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How is discipline handled?

A conversation regarding the matter is done with the child so they understand why they are being punished and then Time outs & Black Dots are given.

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What is your vacation & holiday schedule?

Closed on Public Holidays & a week in september and closed over the Festive season in December / January.

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